Bookkeeping without the fuss: yes, we can.

What if… your accountant really thinks along with you? What if you can discuss in normal language and you really feel that you are working together on your future? That you trust your company to be in good hands financially and fiscally?  To have an accountant who understands you want to focus on quality of life, now and later.

We are entrepreneurs, just like you. We are building our life’s work, our own business. We create work opportunities for our employees. We, too, are sometimes searching for work-life balance. On a regular basis, we encounter obstacles and we learn from it. By sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences, we grow. As an entrepreneur and as a person. That’s why we love our work. Every day!

Mijn Boekhouder: Necessary evil or added value?

Many entrepreneurs have a love/hate relationship with their accountant. Perhaps you have had good and not so good experiences yourself?

By listening to our clients, we keep adjusting and improving our services. We’re only human too, although we have a bizarre fondness for numbers 😉

What do you need in order to grow? We like to listen. Every client has different needs. Depending on age, life situation and career path. Together we determine the focus for your accounting. That sometimes makes for difficult questions & conversations. This is a not a bad thing! Be prepared.

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